Monday, July 02, 2007


2 new families!!
This is the office where we met the girls yesterday and where we completed their adoptions today - they are now our daughters forever!!

There's been LOTS of paperwork to do, this morning we completed the adoptions and this afternoon we applied for their passports. Tomorrow we are going to a special park - not sure where, I just pick up Alice and follow our guide!!

The second photo is our newly acquired Adoption Certificates, my daughter is now Alice Elizabeth Baoming YouKnowWhat!

Now the internet is working again, expect more posts soon!! (As long as Alice stays asleep!)


lara said...

great photos the girls are beautiful,congratulations on finally becoming a mummy!!

Johnny said...

Brilliant, congrats!

Siobhan said...

Oh how wonderful to see two smiling happy families. Many many congratulations to all of you. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous and I'm so glad that you're enjoying Kunming.
Love, Siobhan & Clif