Friday, September 19, 2008


. . . M (my neighbour who looks after Alice) was here all day today (I was at work). When I got home she said that Boo and Fuss had followed her around all day. I thought that they were even closer to me than usual . . . but then I didn't know whether my behaviour was encouraging it.

This evening they are still close and affectionate and I'm enjoying the change - it's not that they aren't usually close, I suppose D's absence allows them to get closer more easily and they're always affectionate.

I'd told a couple of people from work about D - I didn't want any fuss and I didn't want to talk or explain. Work were great. One colleague insisted on hugging without chatting, the others obviously knew but didn't enquire - it was just what I needed, the hug and the silence. One very good friend who just happens to be a colleague did ask more - she said she couldn't not and I completely understood, I said a bit and cried but it was good, I needed to off-load slightly and she was right to ask - it's how our friendship works.

Getting there slowly . . . now off to hug a dog or 2!

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Gina (Caleeo) said...

Hi! Just catching up, had a crazy week. Hugs to you as you continue to adjust to life without your precious D.

Interesting about the hits from China - it would be great if you got a comment or two.

Cute quiz - I am Red Wine. It fit nearly exactly.