Monday, September 29, 2008


We started today at 3am - I slept poorly as I left the bathroom light on and so it was too light (but couldn't stand the thought of standing on a dead rodent - not that there was another) and Alice (very unusually) woke crying shortly afterwards. I brought her into bed with me where she continued to grin, flirt and be 'picklish' for another 90 minutes or so. It wasn't a pleasant surprise when the alarm went off - we were BOTH still tired!

By 9am the pest control and tree people were here.

The pest control man thought (from the photos, that weren't close up!) that it was a baby rat but found no evidence in the attics upstairs, but found mouse droppings above the kitchen (single storey). He's bated the attics and the bathroom and will come back next week to check it all.

The tree people were supposed to be here on Friday - to remove the branches that the electricity company trimmed to prevent contact with the electrical wires.

By 10am we were in A'g for soft play - it was busy when we got there and then got busier - busier than I've ever seen it before. Alice didn't seem to mind the crowds and I got to see a lot of other Mums.

We got home and I got Alice lunch, then T convinced me (it wasn't hard) that maybe I should get my ankle checked out - so I left Alice munching and made my way back into A'g to the local Ac 'n'Em. I took my book and it didn't take as long as I expected, 2 hours later they confirmed that it wasn't chipped or broken but could be as painful as this for up to 2 weeks and then take a further 6 or more to be fully healed - good news really but doesn't do anything to stop it hurting!


Shawnstribe said...

oh my, i go away for 1 weekend and all this happens!!!!!
; )
you would have died if you'd seen the size of the rat i killed ; )
will ring to catch up tomorrow, and thank you for X X'shappy birthday!!!!
i wanna hear all your news

lara said...

I cant sleep with the light on either now we have moved in yet before i couldn't sleep with it off. we have had the R's in the garden i think the moving of the caravan disturbed them.