Sunday, September 07, 2008


Last week D and her daughter A came over. D and I both noticed how the A's playing has changed.

The farm (Christmas pressies from GFN (a farmer!)) and the F-P vintage house (bought from auction site - I never had the house!) were both popular toys. The girls really enjoyed arranging things - they shared well but didn't really play together.

Ever since D and A's visit, Alice has played with the house a lot, every day. The car started off in the kitchen but now she's found the garage!! She loves 'dinging' the front doorbell too. Even though I like this house I do think that the more modern versions are more up-to-date, colourful and easier to play with - but that won't stop me dusting off the F-P bits that I do still have from my childhood!

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Beverly said...

that is really cool that you have the old FP toys. I remember my brother having them but my mom got rid of them when we grew up. Alice is just adorable!