Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Watching her play it was really noticeable how she's changed - pretending is now a big part of playing. When we first played with the dough I had to be on high alert to stop Alice eating it - now her play is sophisticated enough to pretend to eat it (top photo - pretending to eat cake, which was accompanied by 'Yum' and a big smile!)

The second photo is Alice pretending to sneeze - which she will do if anyone actually coughs or sneezes and sometimes randomly - she'll give big grins to anyone who plays along and 'Bless You!'s.

Finally, the third photo, a lump of dough suddenly morphed into a telephone - which she answered with 'Hello!' and then went straight onto 'Goodbye!', no conversation in the middle, but still better than the real thing - that she just listens to and smiles, but will say 'Goodbye' after I do (usually after I've hung up!)

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