Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tuesday - a quiet day before the 'storm' of Alice' birthday. As I was blogging she woke late in the evening - I think that the C@lpol wears off so she wakes easily and then feeling congested she starts to cry, vicious circle only slightly relieved by Mummy. She'd never co-slept with me until last Friday night, since then she's done it twice more on Tuesday and Wednesday night. She's started each of these nights in her cot but woken distressed late in the evening and made it clear that she wants to stay with me - I'm not going to object whilst she's poorly. Neither of us get such good sleep as when we are in our own beds, but it comforts Alice to be with me and that's more important while she's ill. I don't think that I'd like to co-sleep all the time as I feel like a punch-bag by morning.

Wednesday - Alice's birthday. Despite the alarm clock Alice didn't wake til nearly 9am - that would usually be good news but really it only indicates what a rough night we had. I wasn't sure if we were going to make it to our usual Wednesday music and drama group but we did. Alice wasn't keen to sit and participate, she preferred to sit in the middle of the group and roll around on the floor. She was happy to go up to celebrate her birthday, then she decided she needed me, I went up, then she went to sit in our space - so I was left in the centre without the Birthday Girl! She was still decidedly off colour, no appetite and sleeping a long time at nap time with disturbed nights. Several friends came round for tea - Alice discovered the food on the table after her nap (before her guests arrived) and proceeded to 'graze' all afternoon! She also decided that she wasn't interested in presents or cards (despite lots of encouragement) I opened most of them for her.

Today - a quiet day at home, we didn't go out. Alice had lots of time to play with toys old and new. She had a very long nap and then watched S*hrek 2 (I'm bored of 3 at the moment!)

Health? She's still poorly with her ear infection, her chest sounds worse but she didn't actually have a chest infection when checked on Monday, she's only got 36 hours of antibiotics left and I'm not convinced that she'll be right at the end of them - I know children bounce back quickly but I can hear her breathing from the next room. Her appetite is poor, her tolerance is low and she's crying multiple times an hour - that's not how my Alice usually is.


Shawnstribe said...

AWWWW poor babe!!!!
and on her birthday!!!!!
give her a hug from us : )
so sorry i missed you today, went to put X X to bed...and you guessed it...i fell asleep!!!
woke up again, but by then it was too late : (
can i give you a call tomorrow?
hope you have a much better nights slepp....oh my....lets try again....sleep : )
guess where i'm heading to?
Yep...night night

Gina (Caleeo) said...

So sorry she is still feeling poorly - but wanted to say that we have had a lot of chest congestion here and it seems to take forever to go away.

Happy Birthday Alice!

Janet said...

~*~ Happy 2nd Birthday Alice ~*~
So sorry she isn't feeling herself at the moment and hope she feels better soon. Also hope that you manage to get some sleep!
Lots of love and hugs

delucchi family said...

Sorry to hear your baby is poorly, hope she gets better soon
Love Jules

Rosie said...

Poor Alice.Its so hard when the children become ill and always a worry.Hope she is better soon.Calpol is the best and lots of drink.