Tuesday, October 07, 2008


. . . sorry - too busy to use the camera too!

Great progress in swimming today - Alice has started to enjoy jumping in, by the end of the lesson she was flinging herself towards the water, I was about 1.5 metres from the edge of the pool and she was getting to me, mostly through the jump but with some just under the surface swimming. Fantastic and more than just fantastic as she enjoyed it so much.

While she napped I emailed the final photos to the caterer for Sunday's arrangements - now I just need to speak to her about some last minute details. Then I managed to finally finish the BAAF form applying to adopt - I definitely didn't do this form last time, it's taken me weeks to complete. When Alice woke up we delivered the form and first payment for the Homestudy, then we went to the supermarket and then onto a new soft play centre. The new SP centre was good - trickier than our usual haunt but also more challenging for Alice but without being too difficult. We met D and A there - it was good for the girls to be together and I'm sure that Alice tried more with A doing it too. Although it was good we came away STINKING of fried food (the kitchen was open to the whole area) and when we looked at the price list more carefully it's only reasonable value on weekdays during term time - so I don't think we'll be going there that regularly!

We went back to D and A's for supper - the girls had fun and it was good food in lovely company. By the time we left it was nearly dark and way past Alice's bedtime, but she was able to look at the moon! Alice adores looking at the moon! It was also very helpful as it kept her awake all the way home, phew.

I've kept at the chores this evening (in between phone calls) but they're still mounting up behind me, but I'm too tired so now I'm off to bed, goodnight!


Gina (Caleeo) said...

We were on a hayride last night and Olivia loved looked at the moon too - for the first half of the ride she kept pointing to it and saying "moooon".

The play time sounds great and really fun that she gets to hang out with her friends.

Shawnstribe said...

hoooorrrraaaayyyy for swimming!!!!!
go Alice go!!!!!
ive missed so much news...oh my...
great news with the Doc,let me know how the US goes....
Baptism preps....i'll say a lil prayer for you....
house cleaning....whats that ????? ; )
Home study....yep you are a terrific mama, i'm so glad that he sees it too : )