Friday, November 28, 2008


Nothing special - life and paperwork.

There are photos on my camera, I haven't taken many but I haven't up/down-loaded for a while.

Alice continues to grow, both her feet have grown to 7 and a half G in size (nearly an 8 on a C*larks measure, but only 7 and a half on S*tartrite and we got S*Rite shoes!) It's noticeable that tops are fitting too short in the arm and the body and that suddenly the too long tracky bottoms from the summer are now too short! I put her in an age 3 babygrow and it's almost too small - tight and short. Her appetite has noticeably decreased in recent weeks, but having said that she's had a big eating day today. Her favourite foods continue to be satsumas, sausages, mash (or most other forms of 'tayto'), cheese, yoghurt and, of course, chocolate!

She still lots of fun, the sleeping issues are mostly resolved and we're both getting more sleep (and less disturbances) and it feels good!! I think that she's coming down with a bit of a chesty cough and cold, so I'll relish the peaceful nights whilst I can.

As for paperwork - the Homestudy is almost finished, I've got the possible final version to proof read and we hope to sign it and turn it in early next week which will hopefully lead to a Panel date in early January. Meanwhile I'm still researching possible special needs and making tough decisions about what is feasible for our family.

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Janet said...

Hi Kate,
So glad to hear you've been busy not ill! I was getting worried!! Fantastic news that Alice is sleeping better, I find I can cope with most things so long as I get my sleep!!
And WOW over your homestudy that is just WONDERFUL news, I'll keep everything crossed that you get to panel in January and then you are officially on your way to Little sis :-)
Lots of love