Monday, November 03, 2008


I had to work today - it was a training day. I don't usually like training days as they are so long-winded and remind me of all the trickiest bits of my job. Today wasn't as bad as I expected and we got some classroom time too! We had some good times to celebrate too so that made lunchtime fun as well.

Home - Alice had 3 accidents and 2 successes (but one was a double). OK but no improvement. I spoke to a HV friend of mine and she told me that Alice is still very young for this. I'm not convinced that it's going to work this time. I'm going to give it a day or 2 more and review again. Tomorrow we're going to our swimming class, I'm going to put Alice in the training Pull-ups (the ones that let her feel the accidents) for the time that we're out of the house - I think she thinks that the Pull-Ups are nappies.

My HV friend was telling me about 'Rapid Training', drinks every 30 minutes, potty 20 minutes later - do that all morning, repeat the drinks all afternoon but not reminding about the potty, if the child is ready to PT they'll start using the potty independently. I don't think Alice would PT that way, maybe that's a sign that she's not ready? But then again she knew that the Poo accident yesterday had happened and should have been in the potty, no discussion, she knew. Also she DEMANDED 'Nicks' yesterday. OTOH she doesn't name accidents and she can't tell me where the P* should go etc . . .?

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Snickerdoodle said...

I tried training mine in the summer at 2y3m and she just wasn't ready. Same thing happened with dd1. Just wasn't ready. I was getting stressed about it. :(

Just a couple of months later at 2y5months, I think she is ready this time. She is asking to go to the pt every 1/2 hour. No diapers, and no unner-wear (her pronuniciation) at the moment...just barebottomed.

In the summer, she did have a few successes, but mostly she went on the floor.

See how it goes. You can always revisit it later. You don't want to get to the situation where she starts "witholding" and then becomes constipated.
Snick :)