Sunday, November 02, 2008


. . . sounds so relaxing . . . but not when you're potty training . . . the walls are moving in . . . the pressure is intense . . . and the carpet's a little wet!!

We started on Friday at 4.30pm
  • 2 tiny accidents
  • 2 big Ps on the potty
  • 1 big Accident on the beanbag (thankfully covered by a disposable changing mat) and a look of horror on Alice's face
  • Another successful P on P
  • Overall - Friday was 50/50, pretty successful for the first day
  • Started the day in training pull-ups that let Alice feel when she's had an accident, Alice obviously feels that they're nappies, several accidents through the first 2 hours but we kept them on as I HAD to go to the garage and we needed more Potty Training Supplies, W/R was useless - no disposable changing mats or Pull-ups in the right size! (I popped out and got the necessaries while M looked after Alice at naptime).
  • No accidents or success during the later morning or before naptime,
  • Loads of water (in a big girl glass with a straw) in the afternoon, a couple of tiny accidents on the carpet and several major successes (including a poo in the potty!!) Big successes helped by the incentive of chocolate - Alice caught on quickly and demanded 'Cho-cut' immediately after sitting down!
  • No success first thing, quickly remembered Cho-cut
  • Bath followed by big accident while still wrapped in her towel on the changing mat
  • Now I'm pushing the water again!!!
  • 3 big accidents, 1 of poo where she dashed to the potty moments too late
  • 2 successes


Snickerdoodle said...

For dd1 and now for dd2, I give one Smartie for a pee and two Smarties for a poop. Chock-it or Rock-lit is what it's called over 'ere. LOL

Mine go bare-bummed until it's done. The sitter (mornings only) helps by doing the same thing. No pressure. It helps when there is a big sister to watch and learn from. Just wait until you are doing this with #2 in a couple of years. You'll be a pro by then! :)

Good luck and remember the chock-it. ;)

dd Sunshine 7 1/2 Viet Nam
dd Brilliance 2.5 Fuling China

3cmum said...

Oh so jealous...I need a couple of days with no car needs to do this. She shows no incentive to try (and she is older than alice!).

I think I'll try it with smarties.

And big sister is no help. She sees, she watches, she has no desire to try!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

You go girl (to both of you)!!!! I am in denial over potty training - I keep hoping it just happens on its own. Probably not a useful strategy. LOL

Louanne said...

I agree with Gina. LOL!