Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Chocolate Labrador bitch puppy, 4 weeks old, ready in a couple of weeks but won't be coming home until after Christmas. I've reserved a puppy but haven't chosen which one will be coming home yet. Their mum is gorgeous - good looking but even more importantly a real softie, beautiful temperament and just likfe Daisy she loves having her ears stroked.

Now puppy needs a name - something connected with chocolate or Christmas but not suitable for a human - all suggestions gratefully received, please leave a comment.

Alice doesn't even know yet as she's still asleep!


louise said...

ooo kate how exciting Alice will be beside herself - Nelly adores my Mum's choc lab who is getting on in years - his name is Rolo great name but maybe a tad boyish...how about Coco ( Chanel) much more girly and stylish...chocolate labs my favourite dogs ever maybe next time we all meet up here in croughton we may have one too!

Teresa Pearce said...

How about button, as in the chocolate one ;-) x

3cmum said...

Downside with Rolo is that Rollo is a real boys name (current crush of my eldest!). Love Coco.

Just don't let Alice choose - look what we got stuck with when we let our eldest pick.

Will be interested to see how it goes. Number 2 dog comes once the house is done!

Kiy said...

We would love to get a puppy, a rambunctious bundle of energy that isn't 'breakable' for Miss Em. However, our 13 year old grouchy Yorkie would not be happy. He isn't all together thrilled with the toddler! Someday though.

Here are a few ideas, yes, I bake. Or rather, I used to ... before toddlerhood. :)

Not chocolate but holiday related: Gingerbread, Peppermint, Gingersnap (could call her Snap for short, too cute!), Pizzelle (a kind of paper thin cookie), Cinnamon, Spice, Currant, Cafe au Lait (although I have no idea what you'd actually call her), Tiramisu,

As for chocolate ideas: Mocha, Cupcake (too fru-fru?), Chocolate Pudding (and call her Pudding?), Mousse (the kids would have fun with this one ... moose!), Molten Lava.

Okay, I'm tapped out. Good luck and happy puppying!