Sunday, December 07, 2008


. . . but the signatures are there, my homestudy is finished.

Now I have to check a couple of references, ensure that the GP surgery have sent the medical, meet with the GP to discuss SNs and their implications, get a letter certifying employment and work on other bits for the dossier. T (my SW) and I had long discussions about the SNs that I'd shortlisted, these will be further clarified by my GP (I hope). YES - I am already working on the dossier for Thailand - I didn't work on the documents required by China until I had passed Panel, I'm still worried about tempting fate by starting so soon but things take longer to accomplish in these days of motherhood and I find it easier to complete paperwork when I've had time to consider it.

A bittersweet day - I'm pleased to be a step closer to Little Sis but sad that I won't be treading this path again - oh for a bottomless pit so that I could do this again!

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