Tuesday, December 30, 2008


(Watching Pud from the safety of the armchair, they won't be safe there for long!)


Shawnstribe said...

OH MY!!!!!
you are one happy Mommy!!!!
what a gorgeous puppy!!!!
Delicious is def the word!!!!
you must be shattered ; )
Hang on in there it will pass in a few months ; )
thinking of you and Miss A at this New Year

Three Motherlands said...

Happy New Year Kate!

Looks like your New Year will be filled with lots of lovely country walks for Pudding! She's gonna need it! A great way to get Alice out in the fresh air as well. Cowgirl enjoys our daily walks with Bella - it's been a great way to teach her (Cowgirl) about the countryside and the outdoors in general.

I know you'll have the best of fun with Pudding. And don't forget the 'tail and head proofing' of the house soon! ;o)

lots of love to you all,
Ellen xxx