Thursday, January 08, 2009


Alice had been to nursery 3 times before today.

She started at the beginning of December. The first week she spent the morning and I collected her at 12:30pm, it was such a successful start that she stayed for lunch in the second and third weeks. Then she had a 2 week gap for the Christmas holidays.

So today she hadn't been there for 3 weeks. Knowing that my Panel hearing was this afternoon I'd asked if she could stay for the whole day, they had space so I booked her in for the full day (just once a week) starting from today. Then my Panel time was changed to this morning - so the whole day at nursery wasn't necessary after all, but given how well she'd gone in I decided not to change the plan.

I warned them that she may not sleep and asked them to be firm and persevere with her. I had a phonecall at around 3pm to say that she was fine but hadn't slept! I'd offered to collect her early if necessary as I didn't want to spoil the positive experiences that she's had so far but they said that she was fine and so she stayed until the end of the day.

She came home tired, thirsty, hungry and extremely grumpy! She was so grumpy that most of the usual supper suggestions were rejected immediately and she ended up wolfing a dam samidge (jam sandwich) and a pot of jelly before demanding a second pot!

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