Saturday, January 31, 2009


As I've already blogged, choccy Labradors are said to be the least intelligent colour of Labrador.

Pud's the 3rd Labrador we've had - having previously had Daisy (yellow) and her half-sister Blossom (black). Both the others were pretty clever. I met Pud's Mum Sadie - she seemed very much in the same league for intelligence (though a completely different and much more typical Labrador in build).

For many years we've had a soft bone toy - it's blue and there are several rings that fit on it. It's supposed to be a toy to challenge dogs, the rings are supposed to be removable but no dog has ever risen to the challenge. One of the rings has been off it for years but 2 yellow and 2 red are still on it, or were, today I realised that several others were loose too.

Yesterday Alice opened the study door (which was purposely shut to keep Pud out!) Pud settled on the bed under my desk and made it clear that she was too comfy to move without pursuasion (brut force), until I moved a dog bed into the playroom for her! Not daft that dog, not so sure about her owner!

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