Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's busy round here - mostly the usual stuff, work, Nursery, paperwork, living, puppy chasing and cleaning up after!

But yesterday I took a trip down memory lane. Alice and I met up with GMJ and her daughter P in Calne (where GMJ and I met at school). It's the first time I've taken Alice there, the first time I've been there as the mum and not the daughter. The town was just beginning a major redevelopment when we left school, parts of it have now been 'made-over' but basically it's still the same small town with several empty shops reflecting the state of the economy. While we were there we decided to get the girls' feet measured and for the first time in her shoe-wearing history Alice's feet hadn't grown, hurray, £35 saved and they don't need to be checked for another 4-6 weeks! We had a super day and as always it was great to see them.

(I had to smile when my gorgeous God-daughter P told her Mum that she was worried that I wouldn't know where Grandma's house was!! I've been visiting GMJ (J in those days!) and her family in the same farmhouse for over 20 years!!)

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