Friday, January 23, 2009





D'yuh get it yet? Ugh!

I just let the dogs in from the garden after supper, the little ones arrived but Pudding didn't - not so unusual now as she's beginning to love exploring and snuffling and as a chocolate dog she's tricky to spot in the darkness against the flower beds.

Tonight finding her wasn't difficult - I could hear her crunching, that's never good news.

What was she crunching? Dead, whole bird. By the time I'd retreated to the kitchen, thankful Alice was in bed (even if it is mine not hers), swearing loudly in search of kitchen and shuddering at the thought of Pudding's pudding and the memory of the crunch. I thought I was too late but then part of the body, some feathers and evidence of guts was retrieved. Pudding is now confined to her den in the dog room and I'm grimacing at the mere thought of what's just happened.

(For those confused by the title of this post - go here!)


Three Motherlands said...

Oh, Yes! UGH!!! I'll bet you thought you had avoided the whole dead bird thing by NOT having a cat!!!

We do a very fine dance around our furry friends, between making them part of our loving family ... and having to cope with their inherent hunting skills!

Kate, I SO empathise with you tonight! Today was NOT a dead rabbit-free day at the Downs. Seconds after I decided it was time to turn around and go back home - BELLA SPOTTED another DEAD RABBIT! D*mn D*mn D*mn

And what did Cowgirl say to me as I was stomping through the Downs after Bella, my blood boiling as she kept running further away???

"I told you so, Mummy. I told you Bella would find another dead rabbit today."

Sigh. I was THIS close to leaving Bella there.

Good luck with 'parenting' Pudding's new found hunting skills. She's got the hang of it - and there's no going back now!

Ellen xxx

suzanne said...

We have three cats! hearing a mouse being chased around your bedroom then bones crunching around 4.00 am is not pleasant so I can understand. Luckily I am a nurse and so it didnt really bother me too much:) . We have also been presened with live toads, lots more mice, birds!!!!! I wonder what Isabella will make of this??!!

Kiy said...

Um, ugh! Okay, I am now officially rethinking my idea of getting Miss Emi a gentle loving bird dog someday. Yikes! I hope it gets better, and better soon.

Hugs, Kiy