Friday, January 09, 2009


Every day with Pudding is a reminder of how much I love having a Labrador. She cries when she can't get to the water bowl, you can see her sit back, view the situation and watch her think about things. She reminds me of Daisy in good ways. I really missed Daisy on Christmas Day - it seemed wrong to be opening pressies without her attached to the other end of them, I hope Pudding learns to enjoy Christmas.

Pudding is fun, hard work but fun. I love her, I love her intelligence.

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Three Motherlands said...

I can really appreciate your thoughts on this, Kate. For our family as well, our Golden Retriever fills a very special place. Bella is just another 'child' for us. She seems quite an emotional dog as well - don't know if Daisy was a loud 'dreamer'?!? Bella is constantly making little 'ruffs' and 'yelp' sounds in her sleep throughout the day! How I wonder what she's dreaming about!!!

Ellen xxx