Sunday, January 25, 2009


The good news started off rather confusingly and has continued to baffle me!

I spoke to the head of the adoption team on Thursday (Thursday is now my Doing Day whilst Alice is at nursery!) He said that my Homestudy was now at the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) for checking. My dossier for Alice went to WAG and they were great - quick, efficient, friendly and informative, they also saved me several months at the Dfes. But this time round I'd been led to believe that they wouldn't be involved in my paperchasing. Today I was informed by a fellow Thai AP from Wales (I think that there are only a handful) that WAG do do the dossier check all the way through to sending it to Thailand.

This is BIG news! It could cut months off the next stage of paperwork and relieve a lot of stress (though if it is correct it will create some stress initially as I'll have to chase paperwork faster than planned!)

The bad news? WAG informed my LA that there were 21 missing or incomplete elements of the dossier - more paperwork.

The amount of paperwork for this adoption is incredible, so much more than for Alice's. Every step has been so different but I hope that the outcome is just as precious!

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