Monday, January 26, 2009


Saturday - Alice hysterics, led to moving into the 'Big Girl's Bed', slept all night, no problems.

Sunday - started in the cot, hysterics within minutes (but hadn't bothered to even ask for the BGB, moved into bed, fell off (ended standing up with arms still resting on the bed but hysterical) at 2.30am and then sleep with me while I suffered kicks and hits and hardly slept from that point on.

Monday - resolved to buy a bed rail (to stop her falling out). I'd researched these before but hoped that we wouldn't need yet more kit as the cotbed was supplied with a guard for the bed mode - but I want to keep it in cot form for now as a backup! Bought guard, tried to fit it but the bed is slated so it won't take it - T and I will swap the beds around the house on Wednesday to try and rectify this, until then Alice has been told that she'll have to sleep in the cot again and she went to bed (in her cot) without a peep tonight!

Naps - still happening in the cot!!

Me - hoping for a full night's sleep alone (sort of!)

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Mom Of Many said...

Hi Kate,
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for joining in the friends at A Place Called Simplicity - it has been such a blessing!

Sounds like your sleeping arrangements are kind of like ours at the moment. Little Elijah and ELizabeth were doing awesome BEFORE the fire, but now, yeah, not so much. And there are days that I just need their snuggles anyway, so its all good...and someday they do eventually sleep on their own (it might be when they are going to college - LOL)...

Blessings from Colorado,