Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Yesterday we didn't really have enough snow to make an impact (other than changing the colour of everything!)

Today was different - there was noticeably more snow. I debated whether to take Alice to her swimming class but decided that experiencing her first snow was a higher priority (then the swimming company rang to say that the class was cancelled!)

So after breakfast I bundled Alice up (and I do mean bundled) and we went for a walk. We walked down the field, we just made it into the bottom field, made a snow angel and came home, less than 800 yards from home but the return trip took about 45 minutes at toddler speed! Alice want to pick up every snow flake, eventually she learnt how to 'dust' off her gloves to try and keep them dry. The difficult part was trying to stop her eating it (never sure what was under it, ugh!)

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Janet said...

What a happy Snowflake Fairy :-)