Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Alice cried immediately that I put her in her cot on Sunday night, she calmed eventually but I never discovered the problem. She then cried out at some point in the night (too tired to check) and would not be comforted, just continued to sob and call for 'Mummy's bed,' I gave in and then neither of us slept much until I got tough and put her back in her cot (I think it was several hours later), she cried the cross cry for less than 3 minutes and then slept peacefully until I had to wake her.

I'd set the alarm clock in time to remember the doctor's phone number and be ready to phone when they opened at 8.30 - I wanted appointments for both of us and was offered 9:10 and 9:20 - only 40 minutes to get us both up, washed, dressed, fed and there (as well as mucking out and feeding Pud), we did it and then had to wait a few minutes before seeing Dr P (always makes me smile - the rush to get there on time and then the time to calm down as they always run late!!) (But I also have to acknowledge how great my surgery are - virtually always getting an appointment for the next surgery and to see the doctor you request AND everyone is friendly and supportive).

I went for a consultation about my rotten hands - the skin's still falling off, they're not as bad as they were but then they're not recovering very quickly so there's not that much area of my palms that could be affected! The pills I'd be given 4 weeks ago had run out, I now have another 4 weeks supply - as they've proved to be the effective solution to me. I was also offered a referral to a rheumatologist, I checked and the doc meant DERMatologist!

I took Alice to be checked as she's had a cold continuously for nearly a month and she's been quite cranky (usually a sign of illness).

The result? We both have chest infections (I'd had my suspicions but neither of us were that poorly, but then we weren't recovering either), we both have different versions of the same antibiotics and they've had the same effect on our digestive systems! I'm hoping that by both being on a similar regime that I'll remember to dose us both and that we'll both be feeling much better very soon!

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