Friday, March 06, 2009


. . . bedtime went smoothly at nearly 7:30pm, but 40 minutes later she was lying next to the duvet (I've stopped using a sleeping bag this week) making unhappy grunts. I went upstairs to get something and stopped in on Alice to cover her up, as I turned away the unhappy noise turned into crying. Soothing, cuddles, kisses . . . nothing completely calmed her . . .offers of the BGB (big girl's bed) distracted but didn't dry her tears . . . so I offered to lie down with her. I lay cuddling her while she examined panda and didn't make eye contact, 10 minutes later she agreed to me going downstairs and told me to feed the dogs and have supper! As I cuddled her I talked to her - we've had 3 days apart - I worked Wednesday, she had nursery yesterday and I worked again today. As she lay next to me she repeated my phrase many times over, 'Mummy and Alice together tomorrow!' - There couldn't be a clearer way to tell me that 3 successive days apart is too much and I agree.

(And now Elmer is playing for the second time tonight and she's pre-empting the narrator through it!)


Virginia and Doug said...

Sometimes a girl just needs her Mom.

Gin are up =)

Janet said...

Aw bless she needs her Mummy :-)
Isn't it lovely to be so needed (well not all the time lol!)
Lots of love