Monday, March 30, 2009


We stayed at soft play for our lunch today, they have a child friendly (but not particularly healthy) menu. Alice had sausages, beans and chips and she ate every scrap.

Usually I cook her lunch and she doesn't get a choice of food, she has a snack style supper and she does get a limited choice. Tonight she wouldn't make a choice, this happens once or twice a week, but then (having made a supper that usually she'd demolish) she refused to eat more than a mouthful or too. I left her to sit at the table for a while, she drank a lot but didn't eat any more. In these situations, when she refuses a meal that I know that she likes, I give her some time to eat and then she gets down from the table - nothing is offered as an alternative and no pudding is provided.

I'm not worried as she'd eaten a good breakfast and lunch but I'd love to know what other readers do in situations like these, please leave a comment!


Michele S said...

I always offer bread and butter, but make it seem like that was part of the meal. I do NOT make something entirely different. They won't starve themselves. It's hard to remember that, but they won't!

suzanne said...

Isabella has only done this a couple of times as normally she eats so much! I dont offer anything different but ensure that she drinks milk so at least she is getting some nutriton. When Isabella has done this its usually when she is tired, and I can related to this as I also loose my appetite when I get tired. But I know she has also had enough during the day to sustain her. Dont worry, she will probably make up for it tomorrow!

Snickerdoodle said...

I'm thrilled if she eats two good meals a day. Sometimes, that's breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner, but she rarely eats 3 good meals a day. I don't fill her up with milk/juice either or empty snacks throughout the day.

Between 2 and 3, they are really learning to say no, and test the boundries of that word. :) I know mine is hungry, but she'll say "I'm done!" and well, she moves her plate away. I leave it for a minute or two, and then ask, do you want anymore. Nine times out of ten, the answer is nope!

No more food after that, and certainly not the pudding :)

I try (and it's really hard some days) not to get into a power battle over food. Worked with my oldest (who eats everything in sight!)

TTSP. At some point. :)
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