Thursday, March 05, 2009


The post came just after midday, as usual it contained several mailshots, a bank statement and a couple of other envelopes and as I have done for the past few weeks I quickly shuffled through the stack and finally I found what I was looking for!

2 envelopes - 1 recently requested and a relief to have in my hands but the other made me cry - Home Office permission for my baby to enter the country, permission that I've been waiting for for 5 weeks. It's a big relief to have their letter and more importantly it's the last piece of the paperchase, there's a bit more shuffling to do and forms to finish filling, but WE'RE NEARLY THERE!

I didn't expect to be so emotional about a piece of paper but sometimes adoption does that to you - every step is a challenge (especially to someone as intimidated by paperwork as I am), every document an achievement.


MissMeliss said...

Sweet!!!! Another hurdle... :)


Janet said...

Hi Kate,
That's fantastic :-) Hope you and Alice celebrate :-)

Virginia and Doug said...

Thats wonderful news! I understand how much a piece of paper can mean when it's one of the few solid things that says, "hey, this is really happening". Congrats.

Gin =)

(who has news of her own)