Sunday, March 15, 2009


with or without Pudding?


Three Motherlands said...

Lovely photos of 'the park' and Alice looks sweet in both of them. And I guess that's the main point - to show a glimpse of Alice happy in her primary home life.

You know what HUGE passion I have for dogs and pets/animals in general. I wouldn't be without them - makes our life as a family complete.

Having said that, I guess my thoughts on this are that you just never know what prejudices someone 'on the other end' might have about animals. Not all cultures cherish animals as pets like we do in the west. So I think that the photo with just Alice says it all.

I seldom 'play it safe' in life, but this would be one of those times - if it were me! ;o)

And since you asked ... ;)

suzanne said...

Kate I agree, whilst some countries love pets this isnt universal throughout Asia. You can always sent pictures of the dogs when you get your referral in a care package to introduce them to your daughter. I love the pictures, she looks like she is having a lot of fun.


Jen and Jeff said...

Without...I agree with the others. Both photos are really lovely though. Alice looks adorable in that hat!