Friday, April 24, 2009


Me, poorly. I got conjunctivitis last Thursday, I've still got it and now a throat infection too. I'm feeling rough, I didn't go to school and I've slept a lot during the last 3 days. I'm on my second lot of antibiotic eyedrops and I'm on pencillin for my throat too, I think it's beginning to take effect. My right side has been worse than my left, my throat feels like I've swallowed razors, my voice is a little hoarse too.

Alice is fine. Her speech has exploded again, her vocabulary's getting bigger, pronunciation clearer, she's saying more and parroting less. She's also really showing that she's got a very cheeky sense of humour, she's such fun!

I decided that after nearly 4 months of going 1 whole day a week to nursery that it was time to increase her hours, she's finally back to enjoying the day but still a little reticent at dropoff time. I asked to add another morning, they told me the following week that the morning I'd requested wasn't available until July, then this morning they rang and said she could start whenever I chose?! I'm pleased, but a little confused about the situation.

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