Sunday, April 12, 2009


2007 - I let myself believe the wilder rumours that I'd be in the next batch of referrals, it didn't happen, the CCAA only referred 2 days and that left me day 5 in the queue and behind a notoriously large 31st October. All of a sudden I was looking at potentially 3 or 4 more months of waiting and maybe having to return to school to start the following academic year. 3CMum tried to calm me down, but I couldn't listen, I couldn't let myself believe that it might be me the following month.

2009 - yesterday I received a letter that has stressed and panicked me, my homestudy for Little Sis has glaring omissions, omissions that my LA has known about for 3 months and seems to have down little to rectify. I thought I was weeks from my dossier going to Thailand, now I'm looking at having to redo so much of the dreaded financial statement as it will expire before getting to Thailand. So, yet again at Easter, I'm stressed, panicking and not listening to that very small voice that tells me it will all happen when the time is right.


Tara and Dale said...

listen to the little voice...remember how all of us who adopt seem to get 'the one' that is perfect for us, even tho it usually involves too much waiting and a bunch of setbacks. happy easter.

Janet said...

Oh NO Kate,
I'm so sorry. But do try to listen to the small voice - it WILL happen!! And in the end you'll have the perfect Lil Sis for your family :-)