Friday, April 17, 2009


Today was the last 'official' day of the Easter holidays. D and I put the date in the diary a few weeks ago to have a day out with our girls.

The weather forecast was abysmal! We decided we'd dress for bad weather and try a small gauge railway up in the F*rest of Dean. We got there about 30 minutes after it opened, we were the 3rd car in the car park!

We caught the steam train up the hill. It took less than 9 minutes. There was a small playground at the top, we stayed there for half an hour and then caught the train back down, grabbed our picnics from the car and caught the same train back up!

When we came back down the girls had a play in the miniature village and then, after a quick hot drink, we piled back in the car and took them to meet up with more friends at soft play.

Now we're hoping that the girls will let us have a lie-in in the morning!!

Alice was delighted when I told her this morning what we would be doing, the girls played well together and we all had lots of fun, a lovely day with very special friends.

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