Sunday, May 17, 2009


On Tuesday I went to C'diff to visit the notary.

I went early, I went to M*thercare and bought LOTS of underwear and bits for Alice, then I collected a photo collage that had been ready for a long while and then I went into the city centre. I did a bit of shopping and had a bit of lunch before I set off to find the notary's office, I was early but was happy to arrive early and sit for a while with my book! The first address didn't appear to be a lawyer's office, so I dithered for a few moments before ringing D*rectory E*nquiries for a new address, they sent me a few hundred yards further but the second office still didn't look right but I went into ask, they directed me to the third destination. It took me 3 attempts to get them to answer the bell, but finally I was in the right place.

The notary was delightful, our meeting was quick and then I went to collect Alice from an extended day at Nursery.

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