Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Alice spent the morning at Nursery. It was cheesy pasta for lunch, they missed her off the list and so at first I was told she'd eaten it all and then that was quickly changed - she ate 1 mouthful and gagged on it, so she had lots of bread and butter and all the other lunch bits. For now, it's official, she doesn't like cheesy pasta, she used to eat it but recently she's shown that she doesn't like it and I think that if she's refusing it at Nursery then it's a genuine dislike rather than being 'challenging' for me!

She woke up on Sunday demanding, 'Lollipop' - so I told her that she could have one if she went all day without an accident. She's had a few such days but I remembered today. So at 6pm she had her pick of lollies and sat (at my insistence) to watch M*isie (a double treat, that d*mned mouse), she was very proud and happy. But within 30 minutes she'd p*ed on the carpet - right next to the potty, ugh! The rewards seem to be the undoing of us!!

Tonight, for the first time in over a month, Alice chose to sleep in her cot. We've been having issues with night terrors (more to come in a separate post) but tonight, despite being exhausted, she's slept peacefully, thank heavens.


Kiy said...

We have yet to even start on potty training. I am so NOT looking forward to it. At all.

Oh, and we watch quite a bit of that mouse too. A recent find and the darned song is ALWAYS running through my mind now. It's even keeping me awake at night! (I must hide that dvd, lol!)

Cheers, Kiy

suzanne said...

Alice is doing to well. It honestly does get better! We have an accident still around once every couple of weeks ( only urine luckily!), and its only when she is very tired despite the potty or toilet being close! But Isabella is still only 23 months old.

Isabella also hates cheese! Its not a common food in Asia so she would not of had this prior to coming to the UK!