Sunday, June 21, 2009


When children lose their teeth, bottom ones are thrown up to the roof to encourage new ones to grow up and top ones are buried so that new ones grow down.

Different to British thoughts but logical, I think Alice will try this, I'm sure if we leaver the TF a note she'll understand!

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Rosie said...

Hi Kate,
Gosh its been a while.I couldn't believe how big Alice has grown and that its two years soon since you had your referral!
As you can probably guess I'm finding it increasingly dificult to be positive about the adoption.It will be five years soon since we started down this path and everyone else seems to be moving on.I rarely blog anymore,check blogs or be in contact.Its just I have no energy in tis field.I hope you can understand.I've checked Janets blog a few times to see how she is getting along.The Summer hols approach again.Good luck with your next adoption.If we ever get a referral its still two years away.