Saturday, June 27, 2009


When I was waiting for Alice I read about an idea - having an object to represent the baby that you're waiting for, that object is then included in photos of key events during the wait.

For Alice I had a very soft and squidgy W*nnie the P**h, I took some photos with it and we've still got it - even though it's lovely Alice isn't particularly fond of it! For Little Sis I bought a lovely soft, pale grey elephant with a wonky trunk. I had studio portraits done last October and one of my favourite photos is the one of Alice sitting on the floor looking at the Elly.

The Elly is round the house and we find it occasionally. This morning Alice found it, nothing new there, but THIS morning she gave it a cuddle and said, 'For my sister!' and handed Elly to me, a poignant moment!

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