Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Alice is having an adventure - a sleepover with T and her sons L and C. Alice was very excited but not at all perturbed at the thought of her adventure, although she did instruct me to stay home and wait for her!

I didn't.

I escaped to be a grown-up for the evening! GFN and I went to the theatre to see the S0und 0f Mus1c, not only did we see C0nn1e F1sher, but we also glimpsed Andrew Ll0yd-Webber and Arlene Ph1l1ps sneak into the audience. I love the film and in situations like that I'm always sceptical about seeing a different version, but it was fantastic, CF was great (she even sounded like Jul1e Andrews) and the bits on stage that were different to the film made sense and it didn't seem a shame for them to have been changed. A fantastic production and I'd recommend seeing it. GFN drove, so I didn't even have the stress of navigating round Cardiff Bay whilst he updated me on all the bits of news that I've missed.

Occasionally it's good to be a grown-up, but only occasionally!


Kiy said...

Oh what fun, good for you ... and Alice! We have yet to leave Emi with anyone. Glad you had fun!


Virginia and Doug said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your "grown up" evening. That's one of my favorite musicals so I'm a bit jealous.


Jen and Jeff said...

What a fun night out! Good for you! I just love the theater, but haven't been for ages.