Sunday, July 26, 2009


M, C and L came to stay, hurray! We collected them from the station and no-one there was left in ANY doubt that Alice was pleased to see them!! We went swimming, the girls played alot, I cooked a meal and a pud, we chatted, etc, etc, etc. Alice and I had great fun and I think M, C and L did too. It's so nice just to spend time together and get the girls together. GFN popped in for a slice of cake whilst they were here, Alice lent forward and took a big bite of cake straight from the slice on his plate (having not long before that shared a slice with me!)

At lunchtime we dropped them back to the station and then went on to Cardiff to meet K, E and A. We met a chain pub, they had a 45 minute wait for a table and a long queue for the carvery so we rang D*rectory E*quiries and got the number of a very different type of eatery, drove across town and were seated immediately. We ended up with a different type of meal to what we had anticipated, we probably didn't get our food any quicker, but the children didn't have ages waiting around in one place and the food was good, I think it was the right decision to move on and it meant that we got wellies - which was important later on! After lunch we went to a minature train park, we rode in an electric tram, on a mini steam train, a mini electric train and then another mini steam train. It poured soon after we got there, so we very closely inspected the indoor train set, then when the rain had eased off we rode on the tram and trains. 3s and unders were free - despite being 'free' Alice had a wonderful time and is eager to go back. Everyone enjoyed it, K and I commented that when the children are having fun it's double fun, we enjoy ourselves and then we get so much more pleasure seeing our children's enjoyment - every one's a winner!!

Coming home, Alice fell asleep and was very grumpy to be taken out of her carseat, it took a long cuddle to recover. After that she requested an egg sandwich for supper and demolished it, I can't stand egg sandwiches but I suspect that they'll be a favourite of Alice's! I'm relieved that she's being to ask for sandwiches as she will have to have a packed lunch when she starts her new nursery in September.

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Jen and Jeff said...

The girls are sooo cute! Looks like such a wonderful weekend! :-)