Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Some time soon Alice and I will be the subjects of a newspaper article about adoption.

Today the newspaper sent a photographer. There were lots of limitations on what we could and couldn't wear:
  • no white
  • no dark
  • no denim
  • no trousers
  • needed to be bright, patterned, DRESSES (or skirts at a push)
The list completely wiped out every option in my wardrobe. So I ended up wearing a mid-blue wrinkly top and (HORROR!) navy, cropped trousers - you never knew I was a rebel?! Apparently the newspaper won't like my wardrobe choices, but if I'd stuck to their criteria they wouldn't have captured my true spirit. The choice for Alice was (unsurprisingly) much simpler, she wore a sleeveless sundress covered in large, bright pink, roses (a bargain from last summer's B*den sale!)

The photographer brought a make-up artist (!) with him. She made me up with 'light' make-up, it seemed a lot to me and must have taken about 30 minutes to put it all on, I only glanced in the mirror and then later discovered how much she used - it looked fine in the photos but ghastly in the bathroom mirror.

I'd expected photos in the garden or the drawing room but they decided to use the kitchen (a lot of clutter was moved around and some furniture too!) and then some more photos were taken outside in the rain! I don't know how many photos were taken but it was even more than I usually manage, overall they were here for nearly 4 hours. I saw some of the photos and there were several that looked great, I'm hoping that the photographer will send me some after the article's been published.

As for the article - it'll be in the DaIly MaIl at some point in the next few weeks - originally I thought that it was going in tomorrow's issue but now the journalist isn't sure, that's one way to get the circulation figures up!!

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Three Motherlands said...

Only for YOU will I buy the DM! LOL Will you let us know which day it appears? Hope it's sooner rather than later as I'm sure you're quite excited to see the outcome!

Ellen xx