Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I watched this late last night, when I went to bed my tears were still wet, my conviction strengthened, questioning the need for private education (that's what's limiting me to 2 children).

Today? I'm still questioning the financial aspects and seriously considering if I could 'do it again' maybe in a decade or so and bring home an older SN child, until recently I never dreamt of considering such a possibility.

EDITED TO ADD: I couldn't get the video to work, here's the original link to UT!

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Claire said...

Thank you Kate for posting this. I, like you have just shed several tears watching these children meet their forever families. It would be so, so wonderful if the UK would agree to starting a waiting child programme for China, as I am certain that there would be many couples eager to welcome a child with SN into their families. Claire x