Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today we had an early change of plans that tipped the whole weekend on its head. I was going to have a working day but that's now been changed to Monday. We had a quietish morning, Alice had time to play and use her 'puter' connected to the TV.

This afternoon we met D and A for a swim and a play, they were already in the water when we got there, unfortunately A doesn't like to swim for as long as Alice, which led to tears when we got out. Alice continued to be grumpy when changing and during a snack in the cafe - she's definitely tired at the moment but I'm also hoping that it's a stage she's going through rather than a new character trait! After the grumpies we went out to the playground and the girls enjoyed some playtime, especially singing together as they swung!

Shortly after we got home C brought Smokey round, Alice was sad that it was only a short bare-back ride round the drive and she would have loved to ride for longer (she has a remarkable attention span for things she enjoys, well over an hour!) Later on we curled up together to watch one of her new favourite TV progs - Scoo*by Doo (at the moment the other favourites are Fifi and the Flower*tots and Tom and Jerry), and it struck me that, yet again, we were all together - Alice and I cuddling with the little dogs tucked up further along the sofa with Pudding up close to the sofa on the floor. We've been away for a few days and the dogs have been a constant comfort since we've been home.

Coming soon - a post about recent days!

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