Tuesday, August 04, 2009


The architect came over today for a consultation about converting the last part of the building (the bit that they attempted to break into yesterday).

He and his partner came over a year ago and plans were drawn up. Between paperwork for Little Sis and my tax return I've been planning the conversion. Lots of thought, plenty of time in there pacing things out and thinking it out with T.

With 1 exception A (the architect) agreed with the planned changes and seemed impressed with how much detail I'd gone into. Downstairs will be one (small) open plan room with kitchen in 1 area (now extended under the stairs), dining area and seating area, 1 window will be enlarged, 1 blocked up, a new window and a new door inserted in the back wall. Upstairs the bathroom will have a window, a washing machine and tumble drier will be in cupboards on the landing, the windows will stay the same in the bedroom and now there's space for a wardrobe.

Hopefully plans will be confirmed within the next few weeks and planning (not a smooth process as 3CMum will confirm!) MIGHT be through by Christmas.


3cmum said...

Ha Ha...I so hope you don't have our experience (one year and waiting still...)

What's this about a break-in?? Will call when we are back!

Shawnstribe said...

Have finally caught up with your news, what a beautiful photo of you Mum, thinking of you x x x
At attempted break in, that is so not funny
Are you guys ok?