Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today Alice's nursery went on a visit to a local (ish) fruit farm, I volunteered my help. We walked through several orchards, saw pears and apples on the trees, the black watering system, the wooden crates, the fruit pickers and even tractors!! (It's a glamorous life I lead!) The children 'helped' Farmer George to pick some cooking apples and then they got to pick some Gala and Coxes Orange Pippin to bring home before returning to the farm buildings for a delicious drink of apple juice and a quick visit into the cold store. The farmer and his wife were delightful with the children and got the level right. The children were very well behaved (except Alice - she had her 'moments', but then she was the youngest in the group and I was there - which never helps on school trips when a parent attends). I'm in awe of the nursery teachers being brave enough to take over 20 2, 3 and 4 year olds on an educational visit.

We were back in school for lunch. Luckily Alice did understand why Mummy was there and why I was leaving and was fine with it. I then went out to lunch with GFN - to a great pub that I've only been to once since Alice came home. Good lunch, great company and I got back to school just in time to get a parking space and collect Alice. For the first time she kept falling asleep on the way home, but giggled as I kept tapping her leg to wake her up, she even fell asleep with a cheesy biscuit in mid-air - ready to eat it!

I didn't tell Alice about seeing GFN until we were on the way home, she was fine at the time but very cross at bedtime and demanded to see him!

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