Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I hardly slept last night.

I've resolved to try and get to bed earlier (as I have a guarenteed alarm clock!)

Last night I managed to turn the light off just after 11pm, that's early these days, I fell asleep fairly easily but then woke just over an hour later. I'd forgotten to make a phonecall earlier in the evening and found myself wide awake remembering at a time when it was impossible to act on it. I tried lying quietly, I watched a little TV, tried lying quietly again, after several hours I got up and made a PE bag for Alice (whole 'nother post!), eventually I went back to bed, nearly 5 hours after I'd woken, which made for a sore head and a grumpy me! I turned off the early alarm and slept til 7:30, Alice didn't make any noise til I got up, but that's fairly standard.

Breakfast was a challenge, I was grumpy and Alice was off-form. She started to eat and then refused her usual 2 W*eetabix and ended up eating 3 fruit pouches instead. I thought that she felt a bit warm but she didn't complain. She was slightly tearful going into nursery - which is highly unusual for her new school.

When I collected her she complained that she was feeling cold (despite wearing tights, normal uniform, hoodie and fleecy coat), she wasn't keen to talk and when we called in at my school she didn't want to interact at all. We came home and she want to curl up with Mummy and a blanket on the sofa - a nice cuddle but not usual, by 6pm 1 cheek was rosy and she definitely had a temperature and despite choosing her supper she only ate a few bites.

I think that my baby is poorly.

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