Monday, November 30, 2009


There are monsters in Alice's room, so she's been in with me for most of the last week, she didn't even start off in her own room for the last few nights. As a result my sleep is suffering, last night had to be the last night, so the Special Bed is back - a single bed on the floor at the bottom of my bed, it was last used in August and has been away since then, but it's needed once again. This time Alice is old enough to articulate that she's frightened, she's still waking in hysterics once or twice in the evening and she always rouses when I go to bed but she's much calmer for being with me, so for now we do what works and hopefully we can work back towards her bed before Christmas.


louise said...

snap - kate! I sympathise with you we are going through the same thing with nelly...starts off in her own bed but comes into ours in the middle of the night and I am too tired to argue!

Anonymous said...

There was a really good thing on SuperNanny last week where she suggested to a parent with the same issue re monsters- that they enter the child's reality and sprinkle fairy dust and say a 'charm' before bedtime and 'chase' the monsters down the stairs and out the open front door, getting the child to do the chasing and sprinkling- (she used glitter and talc I think) Might be worth a try?