Thursday, December 24, 2009


We made Christingles at our local church service nearly a month ago! Then Alice was ill for her school service, my school service was earlier this week and the weather made going to the service a risk, so we missed that one too. But today we finally made it to another service - with GMA and my old parish church in A'g, a very different service and a Christingle with sweets on it (beautifully made in advance) - I hadn't seen sweets on a Christingle for many years!

GFN came for coffee this morning, Alice ate his fudge cake for him and he gave her the plastic tat train - which he and I then took many minutes to assemble, we seemed to recreate the Christmas cliche of the adults assembling the toys whilst the child played with the box! We watched the DVDVD (as Alice calls them) of her Nativity - she looked like she had head lice as she scratched throughout the performance, she didn't (just a hot head from the lamb's costume!) Then this afternoon we went to the Christingle service, home for a simple sandwich supper in front of the TV (HUGE treat) before laying out the goodies for Father Christmas and hang the sack up, then it was bedtime with the story of the Nativity before I came downstairs to start preparing tomorrow's meal etc but also a lovely, simple supper of smoked salmon and avocado, yummy!

Happy Christmas, I'm off to check NORAD, have you?

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