Saturday, December 05, 2009


We had a lazy morning this morning - partly the after-effects of last night and partly because we could!

We went out just before lunch, my plan was to shop and the eat at the supermarket (such a glamorous life!) However as soon as we were in the car Alice started asking for lunch, so we reversed the plan, this left us short of time to do the shopping and having been in the supermarket for a while (Alice can make eating a tuna sandwich into a 3 act play) she wanted to walk around the supermarket rather than ride in the trolley, as I only wanted a few bits it was a good day to practise not being in the trolley. She did a really good job but is very irritating as she grips the side of the trolley and isn't good at cornering! When we got to the dairy aisle I bought some yoghurts and she wandered off, I want her to learn the limits so I let her go and then realised she was going towards the milk - she'd remembered that we needed it, found the right brand, size and type of milk and lugged 2 bottles back to the trolley - 4 pints each, strong as well as smart, I could get used to this personal shopper's help!

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Maci Miller said...

Hi, Kate! Just checking in to see how you are doing. Alice is such a doll! Isn't it funny how life is so fun/interesting/funny with a toddler? Love the supermarket story. I often will want to rush through a task (but of course, toddlers take their good old time!) and then Ruby will do something so cute or smart (like Alice) that reminds how nice it is to slow down sometimes and notice the little stuff. Kids are awesome like that! So how it is going with lil sis? I'll have to scroll down and try to catch up with your blog. Up early and trying to get back to the blog world and see how everyone is!
All the best,