Sunday, December 13, 2009


Thursday - Nana looked after Alice for the morning while I had a haircut - unfortunately it's too short and not the most flattering, it should be better in a month or so! Other than that we had a quiet day, Alice was obviously poorly and got worse through the afternoon, eventually we went to bed, where she vomited all over the bed and both of us at about 6pm.

Friday was another quiet day for her and she was still not herself, but no vomit so there was some improvement. I popped to her school to deliver the teaching staff their pressies and collect Alice's bits and bobs - they were very kind and had been planning for one of the teachers to call in with everything - that goes to reflect how caring they are. Luckily she doesn't realise all that's she's missed - a theatre trip, Christmas party with a visit from FC, Christingle service and Santa's Grotto, and the things that she did know about she was too poorly to care about, poor baby. I'm so grateful that she was well enough for the Nativity - think I'll have to swap days next year, I don't want to leave it til the second performance just in case (strangely I thought of this whilst I was there on Tuesday, Mother's Intuition?)

Saturday - we spent at home, I was still being very careful as I didn't want a repeat of Wednesday. We trialled a Christmas recipe and later on T arrived to help me bring in the Christmas tree.

Today was panto day. We went to Bristol to see S*now W*hite. Alice complained of a tummy ache after breakfast (that's how Wednesday started) but was OK. We both thoroughly enjoyed the panto, it was good but not as glitzy as last year's. I got quite emotional at the start, as Alice snuggled in whilst straining to see it all, marvelling at the change in the time since last year's panto and at how lucky am to be with this amazing little girl. It was obvious how much more she understood and enjoyed this year, when she got home she pretended to be the 'W*icked B*itch!' (I love free!)

Tonight I put the lights on the tree whilst Alice threw the tinsel pieces all over it - it was immediately obvious that decorating the tree is a rite of being 3 (and so different to last year when she was happy to watch TV while I decorated!) Not only is decorating a rite, but there's so much opinion to WHERE the decs should go - I can see that I'll have to do some discrete moving after bedtime - as I'm THAT picky too!! When I put Alice to bed I always talk about what we did today and what is happening tomorrow, I've already prepared her that she has to wait for me to decorate the tree!

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