Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The child sized sleeping bag (like the baby style ones but bigger) arrived at the weekend, Alice adores it and it's reason enough to go to bed. It makes me smile as she 'caterpillars' into my room in the mornings, she used to walk in when she wore the toddler sized one but the new one is huge and there's so much at the bottom that it's very hard to move in it!

After the first night she got a present, the next week had a smiley chart working towards the dress up that she finally earned yesterday, now she's got another chart with a few more boxes. She's woken more nights that not at some point through the evening but most nights she's slept through once I've gone to bed. It's been a relatively smooth transition back to her room and so far it's been very successful, I think the keys to success have been the princess duvet cover, the new sun and moon sleeping clock, the new sleeping bag and the incentive scheme - it works for her and so it works for me!

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