Sunday, January 31, 2010


When I spoke to the dance teacher she told me that she'd invoiced me after several weeks when she felt that Alice was settled and ready to make a commitment. It didn't surprise me when Alice was given the invoice at the end of her second lesson. This week's lesson was another great success, Alice adores it. With the invoice comes the 'opportunity' to purchase the dance school uniform - blue leotard and skirt, pink cross over cardi, tights and leather ballet shoes (with elastic to sew in, joy!)

We tried various bits on while choosing them, but not the whole outfit until this evening, just like 'Class Dance' Alice loves it and was happy to pose and pirouette for me, now she's anxious for it to be time for Class dance again.

Yet again I can't ignore how quickly she's growing up, wow!

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Claire said...

Alice looks gorgeous in her new uniform and you can tell by her face that she is loving the dancing lessons. Freya started on Friday and I am now busy knitting her crossover cardy! Looking forward to seeing you both at the reunion.
Claire xx