Friday, January 01, 2010


I'm British, I'm obsessed with the weather, it's a national obsession.

It turned cold nearly 2 weeks ago, before we broke up for the holidays, parts of the drive have been covered with ice ever since, it's NEVER been covered for that long before. The verges on my lane still had snow on them yesterday (can't comment about today as we had a quiet day in!)

We've lived here for 19 years. In that time I've woken to fresh snow on Christmas Day once, my first ever White Christmas was in the late 90s and was a complete surprise, it was just a dusting but it made it look how we think Christmas should be!

Last week, we had a White Christmas, we didn't actually have any snow falling on CD, but it snowed on the 23rd and that snow has been hanging around ever since - there's an Old Wives Tale, 'Snow that hangs around is waiting for more!' I'm quite convinced and understand the logic, I've just checked the weather forecast for next week and tomorrow is the only day in the next week where the weather is going to be a positive Celsius temperature! They're not forecasting snow just very cold, we're not used to it being that cold, I'm not looking forward to it and can see that we'll be moving into the drawing room to use the log fire! My toes are already cold at the thought of all that.

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Naomi said...

Kate I am with you!!! It was nice to have a white Christmas but now I am ready for this snow to melt!! Then there was another flurry last night....oh my!!!

Looking forward to Spring!!!