Monday, February 22, 2010


Alice doesn't really draw. She has an easel in the playroom, one side is a chalkboard, the other is drawing board. She'll draw shapes and different shaped lines but not pictures, never pictures.

Recently she's had several 'star' charts but she always requests a smiley face not a star, I started describing what I was doing as I drew the smiley, then I started getting her to tell me which bit to do next. She still never drew!

This weekend I tried a different approach - I ASKED her to draw a picture and SHE DID!!!!!!!! So simple, so easy, boy I feel daft!

This is my Alice drawing a tiger, she needed encouragement to use some colours (right now her default drawing style is quick to finish in lead pencil, no colours), she identified the colours of a tiger, found them and then used them both at once! (After that I asked her to draw her and I AND SHE DID!!)

Lesson learnt - by Mummy!

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