Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today didn't go as planned!

We were due to meet D, A and baby D at the aquarium. Our car was the last allowed into the car park, they travelled separately and were only a few cars behind us. They were directed to another car park with so many others that even though they managed to park, they didn't manage to make it onto the shuttle bus. So we went into the aquarium and they went to the zoo!

Alice smiled through it, she seemed to understand that we couldn't control the situation either and handled her disappointment in a very mature way, she's only 3! We hoped to catch up with them once we were back at home, but that didn't work either. Still no tears. I'm really impressed with her behaviour, communication and maturity. Every day she's changing in incredible ways.

(It's not all sunshine, we're currently focusing on not using baby / made up words, she has an unfortunate way of making words that are very close to rude ones!)

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